Upcoming Events

Do you have an idea for an educational program or a club photo outing?
If so, send your idea to PROGRAMS@FocusPhotoClub.com



Yes, December's meeting is focused (yes, pun intended) on 3 things:

1. Peoples Choice: vote for your favorite "Print". Prints must be from a Focus Group outing.

2. Focus Club Print Swap. Bring a photo (8x10). We will have 9 x 12 numbered envelopes to put your photos in for a white elephant like print exchange.

3. Competition "Low Light Photography" theme

Other Upcoming Events

 Join us for another club event on Saturday, December 2 in Lebanon for the Lebanon Horse Drawn Carriage Parade and Festival. There are 2 parades, one at 1:00 pm and one at 7:00 pm (candlelight). Scott Young encourages us to be there for both parades if possible because the lighting is completely different for each. The Lebanon Horse Drawn Carriage Parade and Festival is a wonderful event for both adults and

children. For photographers, it is a great opportunity to photograph some beautiful animals at work in an old town setting. Parking can be found downtown on the west side of Broadway a little north of Oakwood St. There are some businesses that will let you park for a fee. You can typically park in the Warren County Fairground parking on Broadway (Old 48) just north of town. It is a little bit of a walk, but; the parking is free and getting out to head north is easy.  Getting there early gives you an opportunity to scope out a spot. Also walking around behind the school where the entries are getting ready offers photo opportunities. You can capture some nice candid shots and the people are typically very friendly.  For those who wish to shoot as a group, meet Scott Young on the west side of Broadway, north of Warren between 12:30 and 12:45. If you choose to shoot at night, it is recommended to meet at the same spot and be ready for higher ISO in order to get the shot. Even at night, you still need a 1/500th shutter or better to get a clean shot.  Video shots at night are also awesome.

Mark your calendar!! It will be a fun event!


Also, an event that's become a tradition--that is baking cookies for the December meeting,  

Where, when etc:  

Louise Haws' house, 670 Hathaway Trail, Tipp City. 

Tuesday, 12/12.  Begins at 3:00 pm.   Lasts until ? ? ? - so drop in whenever.  

If you choose to bake, bring recipe and ingredients.  

Non-bakers are welcome, too