Thursday, August  11th, 2022

7:00pm Start,  6:30 Socialize

THEME:  Emotion - One Word Essay

(title of the image will be read during judging, “impact” will consider how well image reflects the title)

Meeting Events

7:00pm - Announcements

7:15pm - 'Dayton Ohio Photos...The Journey'


8:00pm - Break

8:15 - Competition

Immediately Following Meeting - Critique Session

Stan Rohrer (time permitting)



'Dayton Ohio Photos...The Journey'

Presenter:  Kevin Myers









Kevin’s work has a focus on Dayton’s skylines and intricate architectural interiors.  However, his Dayton Ohio Photos Facebook page and website reveal an expanding  reach—Huffman Prairie, Yellow Springs, San Diego . . . .    as well as evocative images from the Dayton National Cemetery.


Kevin prefers shooting at night and just before and after sunrise  -  “when there are no people around.“ 


You may have seen his invitations, on the Focus Facebook page, to join him for shooting at a Dayton location on a particular evening. 


Regardless of whether you’ve had the chance to do that, don’t miss this opportunity to get to know him and his photography better.

My Blue Dayton.jpg