Education and Tutorials

April 2024 Presentation - Stan Rohrer

In preparation for May's theme of Shallow Depth of Field.

March 2024 - Street Photography

Presentation by Stephen Goldberg.

February 2024 - Reflections - Susan Willin

Presentation by Susan Willin on Reflections.

January 2024 Presentation - Sally Oberbeck

Total Eclipse

This is a presentation of Sally's eclipse talk in preparation for the April 8th eclipse.   

August 2023 - Presentation - Dan Borzynski

Dan Borzynski presented Backlighting in Nature. He discussed not only what it is, but how it works and why you may want to use it. His presentation also includes multiple examples of using backlighting. This is a great opportunity to open your mind to things we can shoot for the September theme.

Dan is a former president of Focus Photo Club. He ran a nature photography business for about fifteen years and enjoys teaching and giving photographic presentations. His primary photographic interest is macro, especially insects and other small animals but he'll shoot almost anything nature and outdoors related. Dan has been fortunate enough to shoot 13 national parks and numerous national monuments and forests over the years. He has shot several rare or endangered species (and one unruly rubber Duck named Violet), as well as the occasional portrait.

July 2023 - Presentation - Stan Rohrer

Using the right creative camera settings, Stan explains, allows the photographer to control the impression of movement in a still photo. A blurring effect can enhance the feel of motion in an image, while freezing the motion may relate to a stopping of the subject's action. In the end, defining motion in an image is about controlling the effects of camera movement as well as the actual motion of the subject. Learn how!

May 2023 - Presentation - John Murphy

Did you know that over half the sunlight reaching the earth's surface is Infrared, a light frequency which is not captured in “normal” photography? That means you are wasting over half the light energy available for making images. John Murphy's discussion covers conserving this unused energy and using it for innovative photos. You may even become tempted to try it yourself.

Linda Madden

February 2023 Presentation - Linda Madden

365 Photography Challenge

This is a presentation of Linda Madden's 365 Photography Challenge. It represents her journey back to the joy of photography during one of the most challenging times of her life. Enjoy her presentation and video!

Ron Wilson

January 2023 Presentation - Ron Wilson

This presentation teaches you how to create an effect on Photoshop whereby an image appears to be both in - and out of a frame.  

Susan Willin

November 2022 Presentation - Susan Willin

This presentation covers judging basics to include the importance of Impact, Composition, and Technique. It gives good examples and techniques you can use to improve the overall quality of an image using Impact, Composition, and Technique. The presentation also covers judging rules on how to quantify an individual judging score and understanding the overall judging score.

Kathy Moore

September 2022 Presentation - Kathy Moore

When asked about her work with animals, in addition to being a volunteer photographer at the Cincinnati Zoo, Kathy said “that’s a long list.” Agreed. The short version is raised and/or trained horses, dogs, parakeets, cockatiels; owned a pet store; worked as a vet tech; competed—and continues to participate—in dog performance events. Kathy is a long time active member of Focus Photo Club. She has been photographer of the year. She currently serves as the club secretary.

Susan Willin

Pen Tool - Susan Willin

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