Pick your 3 best images and submit them!

International Exposure!  International Renown!

International Fame!

Be the best in three different time zones!

On three different continents! 

All at the same time!

See Below For Details...

73 Chameleon.jpg

Linda Madden

66 Skipper on Board.jpg

Kathy Moore

International Competition 2021!

Members of Kettering and District Photographic Society in England, Corio Bay Camera Club in Australia, and Focus Photo, right here, will once again challenge each other:  who creates the best images.

Focus members may submit up to 3 entries each. 

Entries must be submitted via PhotoContest Pro by midnight on 9/30/2021. 

Focus Exec Board will select the top 25 images to be forwarded to the international judges. 

The rules are the same as for our unlimited editing categories, except due to equipment limitations, maximum pixel size is

1920 horizontal x 1080 vertical. 

Pay attention so that your image is not cropped after submission in a way you didn’t intend.


(PhotoContest Pro will accept the 1920 px horizontal edge.)

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