Projected (formerly Digital) Competitions

E-Mail Submissions are not accepted!

Please follow this link to log-in and upload your photos into our monthly projected competition.

Here is a copy of some presentation charts that may help you with logging in the first time

Accounts are created automatically. If you are a first time uploader, use the "Logging in for the first time" link to get your credentials. If, after trying to log in, you have difficulties, please e-mail FPC Digital Competition.

Several of you have requested accounts the day before pictures are due. Please remember that if you have problems with your account for, you must request help at least one week in advance of the due date (Monday Midnight before competition) in order to be guaranteed to be fixed in time. Requests submitted after that time may not be addressed in time to support the competition.

No confirmations are sent upon upload. To confirm your pictures are there, simply close your browser then open the site again and log back in. If you can see the pictures they are successfully uploaded.