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To explain for those new to this technique...Think of focus stacking sort of like a panorama, but in the 3rd dimension. The technique simply uses software to merge/stitch multiple images of the same subject taken at nearly the same time together. Each image alone is limited in its depth of field (or area of sharp focus), but they combine into a single "fully focused" image. A series of 2 to ??? images is required to be captured using a focusing rail or the lens's own focus ring to incrementally step the lens's narrowly focused area from front to back, through the subject. Then software does the merging semi-automatically. This technique is challenging to get clean results sometimes, but the upside is we can avoid the problem of using a very small aperture like f/32, which may get close to the same depth of field as the composite, but introduce diffraction (softening the overall image). Instead, we can use a nice sharp aperture and blend the resulting pieces of the puzzle.

If anyone has interest in this technique, I recommend this software (Zerene Stacker), http://zerenesystems.com/